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Hilton Weiner

Hilton Weiner1986Cape TownSouth Africa

Iconic heritage directional designer brand, Hilton Weiner, started by uber purist visionary Hilton himself, from a single beechwood store off Cape Town’s trendy GreenMarket Square in 1986, where Hilton spent the first few years studiously pinning garments for leading stylistas with global standards, instantly grew into a sensational trendsetter, with clean, pared down largely unconstructed essentials, like easy linen shirts, blouses, skirts and jackets, beautifully washed oxfords, and a rash of accessible luxury items. 

The brand quickly developed a near cult like following from ardently devoted customers, who couldn’t get enough of the sizzling Scandinavian aesthetic, blended with Manhattan minimalism, Giorgio Armani tailoring, Calvin Klein sexiness, Ralph Lauren style and uniquely African contextual flavour, mobbing the super stylish stores with the irresistible mix that has endured for decades, evolving seasonally to incorporate and reflect cutting edge developments, year after year. 

Jenni Button

Jenni Button1987Cape TownSouth Africa

Iconic heritage directional designer brand Jenni Button, started, from a spectacularly striking restored Manhattan mezzanine style loft store on Cape Town’s Adderley Street less than a year later in 1987, by powerful, capable, sexy, stylish, super successful ad girl Jenni herself - who had before she was 23 already conceptualised and spearheaded the entire groundbreaking ‘Citi Golf’ concept for leading Ogilvy Mather Searle Tripp & Makin agency based on sizzling sporty Mondrian print colours - was similarly inspired by the runaway success of Hilton Weiner, Giorgio Armani, Calvin Klein, Ralph Lauren, Donna Karan and DKNY, together with sizzlingly sexy global celebrity icons. 

Jenni Button then, now and ever since, has always embodied masterful minimalism, striking style, sizzling sexiness, fabulous femininity and accessible appeal - with top end signature lines being exquisitely cut, tailored jackets, sleek trousers, svelte cocktail, sophisticated evening and even customised couture wear - balanced always by fully accessible, affordable, fun, frivolous, fabulous feminine softs and separates - in a host of winning shapes and silhouettes that have never failed to draw in devoted super sophisticated stylistas across the world. 

Aca Joe

Aca Joe1973CaliforniaAcapulco1988Cape Town

Iconic stylish casual wear brand Aca Joe, was launched in Cape Town during 1988, by local directional players Steven and Farrell, as a spectacularly successful counter to prevailing 80’s ‘power dressing’ - with the guiding mantra ‘clothes you want to wear vs clothes you have to wear’, which has persisted to this day - showcased in unique concept stores, initially at the landmark Stuttafords Town Square and then a host of other leading locations, offering beautifully finished, washed, treated, collegial classics, in striking colours and winning silhouettes, across iconic tees, sweats, hoodies, golfers, cargoes, denim, shirts, skirts and sporty dresses, for which Aca Joe has developed such a devoted following. 

The brand flaunts unashamedly Hero and Heroine spirit, Consistent Collegiate Challenger flavour, beautifully Subverted Street Style - criss crossing from Crisp Clean College Campus style, Ivy League and Preppy, Yale, Harvard, Stanford, Oxford or Cambridge, with rarified ‘House in the Hamptons’ flavour - all the way across to intentionally subverted OG Rapper cult following - each niche and sub-tribe interpreting and wearing the unique look in their own inimitable way. 


Vertigo1989Cape TownSouth Africa

Iconic denim and sweat wear street style brand Vertigo was created in 1983, by local UCT campus student Marcel Joubert, initially from a rucksack on his back, with winning lines to pay his way through his studies, quickly developing a devoted following among national campus students - who loved the fresh, counter culture, relaxed and accessible street wear flavour of the winning tees, sweats, hoodies, washed denim and treated shirts - thriving local market operations, national store supply and in 1989 the launch of a wildly successful stand-alone store below UCT in Cape Town, where he and then also Moira O’Reilly quickly built a following of ardent devotees, creating a thriving launchpad for everything that followed. 

The powerful Vertigo denim and sweat brands has its roots firmly in counter culture spirit, criss crossing through Americana 50’s, Jack Kerouac, Dean Moriarty, Neal Cassady, Ken Kesey and other groundbreaking giants epitomised in ‘On The Road’, iconic Marlon Brando torso’d smouldering sensuality, Che Guevara beret’ed appeal, still every bit as sizzling now as then, 50’s Bowling Alley flavour, 50’s Drag Racer insignia, through to 60’s counter culture, similarly smouldering Jim Morrison spirit, runaway WoodStock music festival, unfolding parallel to classic 1964 Ford Mustang lines, collectively forever transforming America - and with it the entire world - from the stifling suburbia of Norman Rockwell’s ‘white picket fence’ suppressed society, into the world we know today. 

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