Vertigo, 1989, Cape Town, South Africa

Introducing Vertigo, where cool meets casual in the realm of denimwear. Inspired by a counter culture spirit and the iconic figures who defied conventions, our powerful brand crisscrosses through the eras. From the rebellious Americana of the 50s to the smoldering sensuality of Marlon Brando, the beret appeal of Che Guevara, and the freedom of Woodstock, Vertigo captures the essence of transformative moments. With a nod to 50s Bowling Alley and Drag Racer insignia, and the spirit of Jim Morrison, our denim embodies the soul of a Mustang, forever reshaping the world from Norman Rockwell's suburban constraints. Join us on the road to timeless style.

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Golf Shirts

Uncover our range of Golf Shirts that seamlessly merge style and functionality. Carefully crafted with meticulous attention to detail, these pieces strike the perfect balance between urban edge and timeless sophistication.


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Adapt to any weather with our must-have and versatile shorts.


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